As an Experienced Real Estate Broker,

I understand that every situation is different and that I need to look at everything in my power to accurately calculate the proper asking price for your home. Below is a list of what I do.

If you'd like me to prepare an analysis just like this one for you, just ask.
It's free and there's no obligation whatsoever.

First I begin by looking at History

By examining what has happened in your area, we can start to understand what will happen... or at least what may happen.

If we were to just take the average of the last few homes sold (much like an appraiser would), you could be underpricing your home.

Just because you had a couple of neighbors that just "had" to sell doesn't mean your home is not worth as much.

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Next I Study the Historical Data

There are many data-points in the historical data that may be either inaccurate or that I don't feel will compare well with your home.

By removing these data points I start to get a better picture.

Please note that at point, this is not just the price per square foot. I account in the data for garages, location, age, bathrooms, basements and any other information I can get my hand on. If there's a data point that troubles me, I get on the phone with the agents that made the sell and see if they remember the home.

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Now I Zoom in to the Present

These are the homes that have sold recently, normally during the previous 12 months. It is imperative that the data here be accurate... and that everything be accounted for.

Now I have a really good idea of where to price your home BUT, I'm not done yet...

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Now I look at the Competition

If we decide your home is worth $300,000 but everyone else is selling similar homes for $250,000. Your home just will not sell.

Just as when looking at comparables, these values need to be adjusted. If your home is not a fixer-upper then we don't compare it with those that are.

And we are still not done yet...

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I next look at the Market as a Whole

You and I need to know and understand what the market is doing so we can time everything just right

These next few charts look at the Real Estate Market in your general area.

This first one tells us how many homes are there for sale (in Wake county in this case)

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But just what's for Sale is not Enough

Are these homes selling?

This chart shows the number of homes that have gone "Pending" per Week. Pending means that they have a contract and will close shortly.

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And What about in the Future?

This last chart examines the number of showings that homes are getting, on the average, every month.

If this number is low (look how low it is during the end of the year) then you may want to consider waiting a bit.

If you've read this far, you should call me... or at least email me. This analysis you are reading is probably worthless to you and I can run one for your home for free, and with no obligation.

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