When you re-invent the wheel, you come up with a disc made out of stone...


...and not an all-weather, puncture resistant, steel belted radial

Hence I recommend you do your online browsing with one of the three leaders in real estate search.

When you find something interesting, contact your agent (which I hope is me) and get all the details about the home that you can.
(clicking on the links below will open a new window for your search)
Realtor.com Zillow.com Trulia.com

I personally recommend Realtor.com. Why? Because Realtor.com is owned by the National Association of Realtors and therefore its data comes directly from the MLS. The other two sites get it from other sources and may not be as up to date or accurate. It's really soon to be one other site since Zillow bought Trulia in early 2015)
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